Delicious Food
on a budget

Tired of battling to pay huge bills in order to put food on the table?  Looking for an affordable, nutritional and super tasty alternative?  Food Socks may be just what you are looking for.


Dehydrated ingredients that are sourced locally in South Africa are used to make up our Food Socks. With a protein base of soya, they are ideal for vegetarian diets.


Eight exciting flavours are already on the menu with new flavours constantly being investigated. Don't forget to try our first dessert flavour - a traditional macaroni melkkos.


Our Food Socks would not be possible without the support and input of top South African Chef Francois Ferreira and celebrity chef and entertainer, Nataniel.

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With our new recipe book you anyone can become a gourmet chef, simply through using our Food Sock’s. 

Choose Your Meals

We have 9 exciting flavours to choose from. 
These are just a few to wet your appetite.

Chicken Pasta

A beautiful combination of flavours using spices, herbs and flavourants to enhance this soya based dish.

Mutton Stew

A blend of meaty mutton flavours and easy to prepare makes this dish a must for your pantry.

Chicken Breyani

A favourite amongst our clients with subtle blends of spicy flavours making this dish popular with adults & kids

new & exciting meals to support food security

Revolutionary new food product which is affordable, nutritional and very easy to prepare.

Catering for all South Africans

Food Socks is a perfect meal for all sectors of South Africa.

Whether for poverty relief, the elderly, students, campers or just those who wish to prepare a great and quick meal, food socks is the perfect pantry item.

Sjoe!  Die Food Socks maak enige een ‘n “Master Chef”

Lidia van der Merwe

Hi There.  I would just like to let you know that we made the Breyani last night. It was absolutely amazing. Flavoring was perfect and the portions were great. We will definitely order from you monthly – this is amazing.


Wow Mollie. Mens ruik die varsheid deur die pakkies. Kannie wag om hulle te maak nie. Gaan more begin met een, weet net noggie watter een nie 😀   Dankie weereens vir die!


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